Luxury Entertainment Experiences + Animated Food & Beverage Décor

Homestead Circus Productions is a full service luxury entertainment company for the special events and conference industries. Our passion for escapism blends the line between fantasy and high fashion, capturing the imagination of audiences through animated food & beverage decor, lavish acrobatic, plus fully immersive environments.

We know all the elements involved in planning an exceptional event. We’re here to make it easier for you. Think of us as your partners in creating an extraordinary guest experience!

  • Integrated entertainment experiences compatible with all your vendors
  • Elevated ambience crafted with multi-purpose performances
  • Our in-house design team is capable of personalized thematic costuming and fabrication

Your guests deserve more than just a spectacle, so we bring the spectacular!

“The Homestead Circus team are fantastic to work with! They brought innovative ideas to meet our objectives and our budget, and were true partners at our events. I would work with them again in a heartbeat, and am looking forward to being in the audience of one of their performances soon.”

Lori Sharp

Owner, ThinkSharp Consulting

“Homestead Circus Productions produced a remarkable show at the Telluride Fire Festival called the Fireside Soireé. Anticipation for the show was so extreme that it was standing room only!”

Erin Ries

Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Arts

About Us

Homestead Circus Productions is on a mission to help events flourish, balancing high caliber luxury entertainment experiences and a ceaseless state of solutions, while cultivating a sustainable economy for the arts.

10 years of industry experience guides our team to seamlessly integrate luxury entertainment with brand promotion and product launch events. Our high standards, attention to detail and smooth client services inspire teams to innovate and work efficiently in collaboration, bringing the event of your dreams to life.

As artistic director, Rikki draws from 8 years of expertise as a graphic design professional. Her detailed attention to company branding guidelines with a big picture understanding of client needs fosters a unique foundation from which her fairy tale fabrications come to life.

Years spent behind the scenes with audio-visual teams, Dominic has an immense understanding of all the elements that come together to produce large events. Merging a strong sense of empathy and acute sense of time management, our team creates a smooth streamlined experience for clients, compatible with all associated vendors and teams.

In 2018, founders Rikki Morehouse & Dominic Del Signore combined strengths to cultivate truly spectacular experiences for audiences and clients alike. Our team thrives under the pressure of deadlines and unceasingly maintains a state of solutions and creative problem solving.


Opt for something unexpected in a sea of similarity